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What is a safe/dangerous/high risk exercise for an osteoporotic patient?

The real answer is “It depends”. An assessment is required to determine the extent of activities, including frequency, intensity, and duration that are tolerable within the context of patient capability, movement competency, balance, body type and fracture history. I would suggest that the assessor be credentialed as a Bone Fit qualified individual.

The Bone FitTM teaching is interactive, fun, practical, relaxed yet still highly informative. I’m sharing the information taught with my family, patients and colleagues who are all very thankful and they find the exercises I’ve provided so far very applicable/useful.

The content provided in this workshop was beyond my expectations. I feel confident that my new knowledge is up-to-date and evidence based. The instructor for this course kept the material interesting and practical. I enjoyed the hands on experience I gained as well as the theoretical background. Thank you again for such an amazing course! I am excited to use the material

The workbook is a fantastic tool to take with at the end of the workshop. It gives an overall picture of everything that happened at the workshop in a very organized manner. I can very much see myself constantly referring to this workbook for ideas or references. I love how clear and informative the workbook is!