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Save the Date for the next Bone Fits! (Subject to change):

March 10-11 – Ottawa

Where do you want to see Bone Fit next? Let us know! bonefit@osteoporosis.ca

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Feedback from our users

This program has been invaluable to me as my mother has severe osteoporosis. I set up a program for her as many others and the transformation in their strength and ability to finally being able to move has been too fold…..Awesome!!! I would recommend this program to whoever wants to listen.

The course surpassed my expectations and the info and exercises are very well organized. I used the content with 3 clients on my first day back in the clinic. Planning on using these exercises and principles with many clients from frail to strong with a variety of conditions, in clinic and as a personal trainer. Thanks!

I would highly recommend this workshop to clinicians, exercise professionals and educators. The information was evidence-informed, up to date and relevant. The instructors were engaging and inspiring. It was the best course I’ve been to in a long time. Thank you!

The course was everything that I had hoped for – it has put me on a new pathway in my practice of physical therapy.  Since I have osteoporosis, it has also helped me in a personal way.

The materials that you sent home with participants provide a wealth of relevant information presented in an extremely clear way.  The illustrations are excellent and eye-catching.